What is Potcoin

What is Potcoin

I would like to share Info-Links Brainstorm I posted on Steemit blockchain regarding PotCoin as a newbie.


Info-Links Brainstorm Topics

  • 1. What is Potcoin
  • 2. Why Potcoin
  • 3. Potcoin Benefits
  • 4. Potcoin: Reviews, Guides, Steem Info-Links
  • 5. Potcoin Video Reviews

I hope you find the info useful and helpful.

I plan to post more such topic info links to share and learn together.




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1. What is Pot Coin?

  • Potcoin is the first digital currency created to promote & aide banking transactions within the legalized cannabis related industry.
  • Potcoin offers a network-banking system solution for the $100 billion global legal cannabis industry
  • PotCoin digital coins allow cannabis enthusiasts to interact, transact, communicate and grow together via the internet.

2. Why PotCoin?

  • Even though some (USA) states have legalized 420
  • Cannabis remains Federally illegal as a Schedule I substance in the same category as heroin and LSD.
  • Cannabis industry remains primarily cash-only, since not all businesses have access to bank accounts and credit card networks.
  • Many banks, credit unions, credit card networks refuse to provide accounts and services to cannabis related establishments
  • Dispensaries (cash only) don’t have a safe place to store hard currency
  • PotCoin was created to fill a gap in the legal cannabis industry
  • PotCoin works very much the same way as the Bitcoin based on a public ledger called the Blockchain.

3. PotCoin Benefits

  • Much more available than banks, credit card transactions
  • It is less cumbersome and less risky than cash
  • Potcoin offers for cash only cannabis businesses a safe, secure and convenient ways to deal with their daily $ transactions.
  • Potcoin was designed with the aim of becoming the standard form of payment for the legalized cannabis industry.
  • Potcoin is fast with low fees and potcoin is aimed at the legal cannabis industry
  • Potcoin provides a decentralized peer-to-peer banking solution that brings cannabis businesses & consumers together allowing secure transactions
  • PotCoin invites dispensaries, doctors, merchants, and suppliers to embrace and integrate this currency as a form of promotion, payment and rewarding.

4. PotCoin Reviews

A major concern is volatlity. Cryptocurrency is decentralized and effectively unregulated.

It is subject to arbitrary valuation swings.


PotCoin Getting Started:

What is Potcoin?

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5. Potcoin Video Reviews


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