First, We Had To Get Our Hands On CBD Dominant Cannabis!

Accessing CBD dominant cannabis and resultant concentrated CBD oil has been a difficult task in Canada for many years. Due to the black market’s influence on the growth and breeding of cannabis plants our country has seen a vast array of THC dominant cannabis buds and related products present in our market place for decades with little to no access to CBD as it does not produce a “high” or psychoactive effect when used and was thought to be worthless from a recreational cannabis perspective.

How Cannabis  Enzymes Convert to CBD

Cannabis plants will express high concentrations of either THC or CBD but not both. There are enzymes present in cannabis resin glands that convert CBGA (Cannabigerolic Acid) into either THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) or CBDA (cannabidiolic acid). Of course THCA becomes THC and CBDA becomes CBD once the cannabinoids are exposed to heat, light, oxygen, and/or the passage of time.

Forward Thinking Breeders Begin Growing CBD Strains

So in order to produce cannabis buds and plant material with dominant levels of CBD, forward thinking breeders began selectively breeding their cannabis plants to express these higher levels of CBD. Although there are a growing number of CBD strains available from different cannabis seed production companies around the world many medical cannabis growers are still producing THC dominant strains leaving dispensaries lacking access to these important CBD strains.

Hemp Crop Produce Another Viable Source

In the last few years Canadian medical cannabis processors and dispensaries were able to ensure CBD access from another viable source: Canadian grown domestic food crop hemp. Industrial hemp (cannabis sativa) are simply types of cannabis plants that are grown for their nutritional content (hemp seed, hemp nut, hemp oil) and industrial uses (fibre, fabric, hempcrete) and also happen to express very low levels of THC and higher levels of CBD.

Unfortunately Canadian hemp farmers are prevented from legally accessing CBD from their crops because the Industrial Hemp Regulations administered by Health Canada, section 15(2), states that all the other parts of the hemp plant (which just happen to contain the greatest concentration of CBD) are to be tilled back into the earth or otherwise rendered non-viable and destroyed. This necessarily sees the majority of CBD that COULD be harvested from Canadian hemp wasted every year. Since accessing CBD from their hemp crops is illegal, very few farmers take the risk to harvest and sell resin glands or female flowers that give access to CBD to the independent companies in Canada that manufacture the CBD oils and capsules currently available. This keeps the price of CBD products artificially high as the supply is limited and some farmers have taken a profiteering attitude and are asking many more times what CBD is worth because they have a stranglehold on the ability of Canadians to access what should be cheap CBD from outdoor grown hemp.

Industry Average Concentrate Percentages

The average CBD oil available in Canada’s medical cannabis market place as a concentrate is around 30% CBD or 300mg CBD per 1 gram of oil. This is a very therapeutic oil and has been bringing relief from pain, seizures, inflammation, anxiety, and a list of other symptoms since it was first available in 2013.

The Creation of Highly Concentrated Kootenay Gold CBD Oil

At The Kootenay’s Medicine Tree, we wanted to know if we could take the same hemp trichomes (resin glands) and create a CBD oil to be more concentrated than the 30% industry average. First we secured a quantity of hemp trichomes and then we partnered up with two of the top cannabis extraction companies in Canada: Kind Selections and Roji Concentrates.

Victory was achieved! Through the work of Roji Concentrates and Kind Selections we were able to produce a concentrated oil via advanced distillation that tested out at 68.6% CBD (686mg CBD per gram of oil)!!!

Each 1 gram amount of this CBD oil contains: 686mg CBD, 94.1mg THC, 34.2mg CBDV, 6.3mg THCV, 4.1mg CBG, 3.7mg CBN, 0.8mg CBC.

We have named this new CBD oil “Kootenay Gold CBD Oil” as it differs from all other CBD oils available in Canada due to its high concentration of CBD and its overall clean, transparent, golden appearance.

This oil contains higher levels of the lesser known but very therapeutic CBDV and THCV. CBDV, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid,  is being explored by GW Pharmaceuticals for more effective control of epileptic seizures while THCV, another non-psychoactive cannabinoid shows promise for seizure control, pain control, the suppression of panic attacks, and the suppression of appetite.

New Products Using Kootenay Gold CBD Oil

We have created a range of products from Kootenay Gold CBD oil, and currently have it available as a concentrated oil sold in 1 gram amounts or mixed with organic coconut MCT oil in a 25ml tincture bottle or 1ml oral syringe for ease of taking small doses.

Based on the milligrams of active cannabinoids present in this oil, our Kootenay Gold CBD Oil in tincture or 1ml syringe are available for those who cannot pay for the concentrated oil by the gram but still want to benefit from this highly refined, potent, CBD oil.

Did You Experience Positive Effects?

We are collecting testimonials for Kootenay Gold CBD Oil from all willing members who have benefitted from its use and will be sharing them via this website so we can start to see what extra positive effects we can note from the greater concentrations of CBD, CBDV, and THCV particularly.

Thank you for your interest in the origins of Kootenay Gold CBD Oil J

Please keep following our website to see new directions for this and other cannabis products as we evolve to meet the diverse needs of our members from across Canada.


Have a Happy and Healthy Day J

Jim, Marv, Wendy, Jo, Tanya, Peggy Jean, Julie, and Jen

The Kootenay’s Medicine Tree

Grand Forks, BC

Nelson, BC

Koots Gold

Koots Gold Concentrate Profile


Each 1 gram amount of this CBD oil contains:

686mg CBD

94.1mg THC

34.2mg CBDV

6.3mg THCV

4.1mg CBG

3.7mg CBN

0.8mg CBC

See the lab results here


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