My diagnosis February 2012 was HIGH grade serous ovarian cancer. Unfortunately it is the worst of the two forms of ovarian cancer. It had metastasized throughout my abdomen by time I was diagnosed, as is common.

I underwent 2.5 years of constant “medical treatment” which included lots of chemotherapy, and two surgeries.

Since starting on the oil the ascites, which is buildup up cancerous fluid in the abdominal cavity and around the lungs, has virtually disappeared. This in itself is an amazing change in my condition, allowing me to breathe better and it shows the “oil” is keeping the cancer in check.

The prognosis for this type of cancer right now, is unfortunately…. terminal to all patients, so seeing it slowing, and even reversing is just truly amazing, and my Husband and I are convinced that the healing properties in these two plants, the hemp and the cannabis, are truly changing and reversing the disease in my body.

Mr. and Mrs. Ford and Jackie Burden, North Vancouver, BC Canada

My husband and I first met Jim Leslie in the summer of 2013 at a Vancouver marijuana dispensary he managed. My 71 year old husband had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and we were checking out alternative treatment options. Jim was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. Unlike the conventional health care providers, we immediately felt that he cared and wanted to help. Unfortunately, we first fell victim to the scare tactics of the conventional medical system and my husband underwent three rounds of chemotherapy with disastrous results. If we could do it over again, I can say with complete confidence that we would have taken the medical marijuana treatment route right from the beginning, instead.

As someone who has witnessed first-hand failed conventional cancer treatment, I am asking you to look at the big picture and see the value for people desperately seeking safe alternatives to treat all kinds of medical conditions. Times are changing and more and more people are looking for natural treatment options. Jim Leslie’s Kootenay’s Medicine Tree is filling that need in Grand Forks. Please don’t let a couple of complaints take medicine away from people who need it!

Marion Michel

My name is Jennifer and my son Simon has Autism. He is 4 and was diagnosed when he turned 3. Autism is special kind of condition that plots your child’s development on a spectrum known as Autism Spectrum Disorder. Not one Autistic child has the same set of behaviors, yet many children have very similar behaviors and to varying degrees.

He has the benefit of fantastic behavioral therapy, even with this therapy and a very good diet he still could not talk freely, without scripting, be still or listen to others. He was always overwhelmed. I talked to Jim Leslie about what was happening with Simon and we created a plan using CBD capsules.

I started him out using very small amounts mixed into his food and over 5 days increased to a 1/4th of a capsule. He told me a story on the 5th day from his imagination and hasn’t stopped talking since. He became aware of us as his family and that other people had families. He was able to sit calmly, unheard of before CBD. Within 2 weeks he started to sing and become involved in life. It has been 6 months since we started this journey, I will be ever grateful to Jim Leslie of The Kootenay’s Medicine Tree for his sound knowledge and ability to supply the CBD that let my son begin to enjoy life.

Jim Leslie is an honest and intelligent person that you can have a confidential conversation with. The Kootenay’s Medicine Tree offers the highest quality products with proper dosage information. This is how medicinal cannabis dispensaries should be run and I hope that the community of Grand Forks can see the benefit of The Kootenay’s Medicine Tree.

Jennifer Weatherly, Fredericton, NB.

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