MindMap Brainstorm Session: Dec 04, 2018

I like to share a Brain Storm: 
Roles of Sigma-1 Receptor as a intracellular Chaperone.
Brainstorm Topics: Role of Sigma-1 Receptor
1.0 VIDEOS: Introduction, Cell Biology, CGI
1.2 VIDEO: Biology: Cell Structure Organelles
1.3 VIDEO: (ER) Endomplasmic Reticulum,Cisternae, Lumen, Ribosomes
1.4 VIDEO: Calcium & (IP3) Inositol Trisphosphate (Cell Signaling)
1.5 VIDEO: (IL-10) Interleukin 10
1.6 VIDEO: Helper T Cells

1.7 VIDEO: MacroPhage T Cells
1.8 VIDEO: Immune System
1.9 VIDEO: Protein Synthesis
1.10 VIDEO: Microtubules, Cytoskeleton, Kinesin
2.0 Sigma-1R Introduction
1-2.2 Sigma-1R Role as Intracelluar Chaperone

0 Sigma-1R Role Neuroprotection, Sig1R, Ca(2+)

4.0 Sigma-1R Role Neurodegenerative Diseases
5.0 Sigma-1R Role Neurogenesis,
6.0 Sigma-1R Role Neuroinflammation
7.0 Sigma-1R Role Immunomodulation, IL-10
8.0 Sigma-1R Role Anti-Inflammation, Analgesia

9.0 Sigma-1R Role ECS, Opioid Receptor Interaction Analgesia
9.1-9.2 Sigma-1R Role ECS, CBD, THC, 5-HT2A-CB1 Receptor
10.0 Sigma-1R Role Cancer
11.0 Sigma-1R PET Imaging
12.0 Sigma-1R Pic, Gfx, Image Source


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