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The truest way to create a cannabis concentrate is to extract the medicinal compounds from cannabis flowers with as little disruption to the natural ratios of cannabinoids to terpenes as possible. Although medical grade Butane/propane, ethanol, or isopropyl alcohol are used to create a number of high quality medicinal cannabis extracts and oils, unfortunately, in most cases, volatile aromatic compounds (Ex. Terpenes) are lost in the processing of these products, usually in the process where heat and a vacuum environment are used to remove residual solvents from the finished products. Shatter, budder, wax, sap, and cannabis oils are all missing something…even though they contain very high concentrations of cannabinoids. Enter Rosin.


How it’s Made

Created by pressing gorgeous, organically grown West Kootenay indoor cannabis flowers with precisely the right amount of heat and pressure between stainless steel plates, the resultant product is the truest version of that original flower, in extract form, that you will ever experience. Although Rosin may test slighty lower in cannabinoids than shatter or wax, medical patients report its effects to be stronger, requiring less frequent dosing than many experience with shatter/wax.

The Process

Rosin is a true solventless extract, and unlike in CO2 extraction – which is a very violent process to put cannabis through, the compounds are gently released and concentrated with heat and pressure giving a fuller cannabinoid and terpene profile that better reflects the flower from which it came.

Our Commitment to You

The Kootenay’s Medicine Tree only provides Rosin created from organically grown West Kootenay AAAA flowers, never from cannabis trim. Please see the growing selection of local brands of organic West Kootenay Rosins available to our members in our cannabis catalogue, do not settle for trim-created Rosin for symptom relief.


Extravagant Extractions

All of the rest are list under our house brand and are created by local artisan growers

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