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Our Path Forward into 2019

November 15, 2018

As of December 31, 2018 our Introductory CBD-Only Membership category will be closed.

As of December 31, 2018 we will no longer be accepting confirmation of diagnosis or evidence of diagnosis for full access membership status.

Starting January 1, 2019 the only way to obtain a membership with The Kootenay’s Medicine Tree will be via 1 of the following 4 methods to become a “medically approved” patient/applicant:

  • Valid MMAR License – If an applicant holds an old MMAR Authorization To Possess (ATP) that was valid on March 21, 2014 onwards. This is good until the injunction from the case of Allard v. Canada (2016) is removed.
  • Valid ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations) License to possess medical cannabis.
  • Our Physician Statement form filled out and signed by a doctor or specialist, valid for 1 year from date of signature.
  • Physician’s prescription form noting name of the applicant and that they need medical access to cannabis (This is a valid option for doctors as per Regulation 53 of the Narcotic Control Regulations)


For Current Full Access Members:

As of March 31, 2019 all current members of The Kootenay’s Medicine Tree Inc. MUST become “medically approved” by pursuing one of the 4 options listed above. No orders will be filled after this date unless members have become “medically approved”.

Why the change?

Our company has been serving the chronically and terminally ill of Canada with safe access to a diverse range of medical cannabis products since 2014. In order to keep helping medical patients access high quality medical cannabis products we only have one choice to move ahead: Apply for a Federal Medical Cannabis Sales License. This will allow us to keep serving our medically approved members while we go through the federal licensing process. Once we finally receive our federal sales license we will only be able to sign up and assist “medically approved” patients.

***We will be shortly announcing an agreement between TKMT and a BC based company that will provide appointments with a doctor who will sign medical cannabis access forms for any interested patients for free***

Thanks to all our members for standing with us, together we can protect and sustain medical cannabis product access for those who truly need it.

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Our Nelson store is open, but the Grand Forks store is closed until we get a retail license.


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