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Guide to Membership

There are now 2 different levels of membership obtainable in our dispensary.

The Introductory Membership only allows access to 0% THC products (of which we have one currently, our 300mg CBD tincture) and any of our non-cannabis products and requires the applicant complete a medical condition/symptom declaration form.

The Full Access Membership allows access to all of our cannabis and non-cannabis products and requires the applicant to submit a confirmation of medical diagnosis or symptoms from a health care practitioner.

Introductory Membership

Full Access Membership


Introductory Membership

  1. Fill out an Introductory Application Package.
  2. Send it back to us, and you can start ordering.

Full Access Membership

We aim to provide medical grade cannabis and cannabis products to clients who have a legitimate medicinal need.

  1. Fill out an Application Package.
  2. Get a note from a qualified practitioner stating your medical diagnosis, if you have an approved diagnosis. If your condition is not on the list you will need to fill out a Practitioners package.

Mental Health Note!

Research suggests that cannabis can be extremely effective in alleviating the symptoms of many mental health conditions. However, in some cases, cannabis use may not be beneficial and may prove deleterious to mental health. TKMT carefully assesses and monitor clients with severe mental health conditions to ensure cannabis is of continued benefit to them.

Who Can Recommend Cannabis Use?

Qualified Practitioners for Consent

We accept confirmations of diagnosis for conditions treatable by cannabis and recommendations for the medical use of cannabis from medical physicians, naturopathic doctors, nurse practitioners, doctors of traditional Chinese medicine, herbalists, doctor of chiropractic medicine, registered nurses(RN) and licensed practical nurses(LPN) .

Approved Medical Diagnosis List

This list grows every year with new research. Be sure to inquire about your specific condition with us.

For the following conditions, only a confirmation of diagnosis is required e.g a doctor’s note with your diagnosis on it.
ADHD Crohn’s Disease Paraplegia/Quadriplegia
AIDS Depression Parkinson’s Disease
Anxiety/Stress Disorder Eczema Psoriasis
Asthma Emphysema Radiation Therapy
Arthritis Epilepsy Seizure Disorders
Brain/Head Injury Fibromyalgia Sleep Disorders
Cancer Irritable Bowel Syndrome Spinal Cord Injury
Cerebral Palsy Glaucoma Substance Abuse and Withdrawal
Chemotherapy Treatment Hepatitis C Chronic Migraines
Chronic Pain Multiple Sclerosis
Chronic Migraines Muscular Dystrophy
Colitis Nausea (Chronic and Debilitating)

For other conditions that are not on the list, inquire to see if a diagnosis alone is sufficient for membership.

Practitioner’s Statement

We ask that your doctor complete our Practitioners package and present it to us from their office via email or send it with you for you to include with the application form. We will also accept Health Canada’s MMAR authorizations.

Some doctors may feel uncomfortable recommending cannabis or even completing the form. For this reason the Practitioner’s Statement Form simply asks the doctor to confirm their patient’s diagnosis, and whether they recommend the use of cannabis. If they indicate that they do not recommend the use of cannabis, they are asked for the reason- legal, medical, or other.

We will also include a Release of Information that can be signed and given to your doctor to encourage them to send a confirmation of diagnosis for your medical condition, even if they will not fill in the Practitioner’s Statement Form.

Depending on the condition, a confirmation of diagnosis may be sufficient for membership, as long as the reasons stated for not recommending cannabis use are not of a medical nature. We will work with potential members to meet our requirements for proper documentation.

If your doctor is still reluctant to sign any of these forms, you can release your medical practitioner from any potential liability by providing a Practitioners Release Form to you practitioner.

In order to maintain the confidentiality of our members and their health care providers, we are not able to refer you to doctors who have signed statements in the past. There are many compassionate doctors out there, and we encourage you to keep trying. After we have received the necessary documentation from your practitioner and it is confirmed, you will have met the criteria for membership and may begin using our services.

New Member Orientation

New members receive an orientation to the dispensary and our services. Their rights and responsibilities within the organization are reviewed in order to promote a safe, friendly and secure environment, respect of our neighborhood and smooth daily operations. Members must sign a consent form in which they take responsibility for their decision to use cannabis and agree not to redistribute the cannabis procured by us for their personal medicinal use.

There is also an educational component of the intake session that focuses on the safe and effective use of cannabis. Members are also made aware of the current laws and political climate. It is important that people using cannabis as a medicine are equipped with all the information they need to make informed decisions. We can conduct the intake session by phone, Skype or by appointment at our store in Grand Forks.

Daily and Weekly Limits

When you first become a member we will determine a maximum daily limit for your purchases. The standard daily limit is 5g of cannabis. MMPR license holders with a higher daily limit will be accommodated. We will only sell a maximum of two weeks supply at one time.


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