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Cannabis Catalog

Cannabis Catalog

Cannabis Catalog

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Grand Forks Clinic

Grand Forks Clinic

Grand Forks Clinic

Grand Forks is our head quarters.

Nelson Clinic

Nelson Clinic

Nelson Clinic

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Fighting For Medicinal Cannabis in Canada

Appeal to BC Supreme Court has been filed.  Here's what we're doing to ensure you have access to medical cannabis products. A Email From John W. Conroy QC Dear All,       PLEASE FORWARD TO ALL INTERESTED SUPPORTERS   I am writing to provide a brief update to all...

Sigma-1 Receptor Chaperone

MindMap Brainstorm Session: Dec 04, 2018 I like to share a Brain Storm: Roles of Sigma-1 Receptor as a intracellular Chaperone. Brainstorm Topics: Role of Sigma-1 Receptor1.0 VIDEOS: Introduction, Cell Biology, CGI 1.1 VIDEO: SIGMA-1 RECEPTOR1.2 VIDEO: Biology: Cell...

New Changes to Our Membership

The Kootenay’s Medicine Tree Inc. Our Path Forward into 2019 November 15, 2018 As of December 31, 2018 our Introductory CBD-Only Membership category will be closed. As of December 31, 2018 we will no longer be accepting confirmation of diagnosis or evidence of...

Cannabinoids Neuroprotective

MindMap Brainstorm Session: Oct 05, 2018 Brain Storm Topics: I am happy to share a Brain Storm-Mind Map as follow up to TKMT Video: Youtube:  Cannabis In The Treatment & Prevention Of Neurodegenerative Disorders presented TKMT: Jim Leslie. Steemit:  Cannabis In...

420-Probiotic Healing NAFLD

MindMap Brainstorm Session: Apr 17, 2018 I like to share a Brain Storm via XMind Ver 8 Mind Mapping software showing connections & possible healing pathways for microbiota-dysbiosis induced Non-Alcoholic Fatty-liver Disease. Topics for NAFLD: 1....

What is Potcoin

What is Potcoin What is Potcoin I would like to share Info-Links Brainstorm I posted on Steemit blockchain regarding PotCoin as a newbie. Info-Links Brainstorm Topics 1. What is Potcoin 2. Why Potcoin 3. Potcoin...

Cannabinoid Suppositories

Brainstorming Session: Dec 14, 2017 Brain Storm showing possible rectal cannabinoid signal healing pathways via Cannabis suppositories: Some medical cannabis articles show positive user feedback regarding 420 oil suppositories but the medical healing mechanism is...

Cannabinoid Dentistry

Brainstorming Session: Dec 19, 2017 Midnight Hrs This PDF article is a snapshot of a 420 Brainstorming Session Topics. ECS receptor CB1-immunoreactive nerve fibres in painful & non-painful human tooth pulp Enamel rebuilding toothpaste Hemp and coconut oil based...

The Glymphatic System

Brainstorming Session: Nov 03, 2017 Midnight Hrs This PDF article is a snapshot of a 420 Brainstorming Session Topics. Cannabinoids connection with the Glymphatic system, the brain's waste drainage plumbing system helping removal of plaque-forming Alzheimer's proteins...

TKMT Tangie Budder BHO Review

Tangie Budder BHO Review   TKMT Tangie Budder (Pull N Snap BHO) 1g: 759mg THCA, 21mg THC "Organic, indoor grown Tangie from the West Kootenays extracted with butane, creating this incredible terpene rich concentrated version of the flower. Members report using...

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