Golden milk, also known as turmeric tea, is an ancient Ayurvedic tonic that has long been used to support longevity, manage difficult symptoms and fight disease.
Laughing Moon Medicinals enhances the already impressive benefits of golden milk by adding cannabinoids to the mix, including CBD and THC. Together, the medicinal components of golden milk and cannabis work harmoniously and increase their medicinal benefits beyond what each would provide on their own.

Constituents of Golden Milk and cannabis have been found to have/be effective for:

Reducing inflammation
Relief from autoimmune diseases including arthritis
Pain relief
Anti-cancer properties
Digestive issues
Improving brain function
Mitigating Alzheimer’s disease
Mood elevation
Anxiety management
Liver detoxification
Blood purification

Currently available in three varieties:


Original Blend

(Contains no cannabinoids)

“Fountain of Youth” CBD Blend

(Each package contains 225 mg CBD – 15 mg CBD per serving)
CBD aids in anxiety management, enhances focus, and produces no intoxicating effects, making this the perfect product for daytime use.

“Gentle & Balanced”

1:1 CBD:THC Blend

This gentle, balanced blend is ideal for those who are new or sensitive to THC, but require an increased, pain relieving effect.
(Each package contains 75 mg CBD & 75 mg THC – 5 mg CBD & 5 mg THC per serving)

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