What the heck is ‘Endocannabiniod Gut Microbiome Synergy’, you ask? This article is packed with resources about the theories of the Cloak and Dabber. With research that explains the synergy, you’re sure to have your mind blown!

The Legend of the Cloak and Dabber

The Cloak and DabberA short time ago, when Jim lived in Vancouver, he ran a little Medical Cannabis Shop. He befriended Sunny, a 420 geek and medicinal cannabis activist. They would get together and do dabs all over the city, in different shops and smoking spots. They began to refer to this as the Cloak and Dabber.

Jim has moved away from the city, for his love of the Kootenays was to strong to deny, and started the Kootenays Medicine Tree. Sunny has delved deep into the theories of the Cloak and Dabber days and has produced an extensive article that sure to educate you.

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