Brainstorming Session: Dec 14, 2017

Brain Storm showing possible rectal cannabinoid signal healing pathways via Cannabis suppositories:

  • Some medical cannabis articles show positive user feedback regarding 420 oil suppositories but the medical healing mechanism is unclear due to lack of science research data.
  • Some medical 420 articles show rectal suppository THC bioavailability & absorption data based on using Hemisuccinate (THC-HS) as THC carrier to cross the aqueous rectal mucous membrane.
  • Hemisuccinate (THC-HS) is often used in pharma labs but its not normally available to dispensary or public consumer. Most dispensary use carrier oils such as Coconut Oil for THC suppositories instead of THC-HS.
  • So how can rectal delivered THC via suppository (Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil Base) cross the rectal aqueous mucous membranes to heal lung cancer?

Self experimenters report positive healing despite blood tests showing low or none THC bioavailability levels. This IMHO suggest more rectal ECS receptors healing signal pathways yet to be researched.

This Brain Storm Snapshot attempts to show possible rectal receptor pathway signals for healing lung cancer beyond Cannabinoid CB1, CB2 Receptors via ECS Receptor Dimerization, Suppositories:

  • Rectal Opioid Receptor
  • Rectal G-protein-coupled Receptor
  • Rectal TLR Receptor
  • Rectal TRPV1 Receptor
  • Rectal 5-HT Receptor
  • Rectal Microbiome-Gut-Lung Axis Receptor Cross-talk

Future Topics: Could Water Soluble Nano technology help transport cannabinoids across rectal mucous membrane to increase bioavailability via suppositories?

This PDF article is a snapshot of a 420 Brainstorming Session Topics.

1. Video Introduction Jim Leslie TKMT 420 Suppositories 101, Sharon Kelly

2. Rectal THC Bioavailability & Absorption via Suppositories Articles 2012-2017

3. Rectal THC Bioavailability & Absorption via Suppositories Articles 2012-2017 Revisited

4. Rectal Bioavailability of THC via Suppositories Hemisuccinate

5. Suppository USA Patents

6. Possible Receptors Signal Pathways

  • Rectal-Lung Cannabinoid Receptors Pathways?
  • Rectal-Lung Cannabinoid Receptors Dimerization Signal Pathways?
  • Possible Rectal-Lung Cannabinoid & Opioid Receptors Dimerization Signal Pathways?

7. Human Microbiome Electric Signal Pathways

  • Possible Rectal-Lung-Gut Microbiome, ECS Receptor Dimerization Signal Pathway?
  • Bacteria Use Brainlike Bursts of Electricity to Communicate
  • The Body’s Microbiome Bacteria Communication Works via Electric Signals
  • Researchers discover bacteria can communicate electrically, like neurons
  • Bacteria Can Use Electricity to Communicate Across Species
  • Microbes Use Electric Signals to Communicate With Other Species
  • Bacteria Recruit Other Species with Long-Range Electrical Signals
  • Bacteria Communicate With Each Other Like Brain Cells To Survive Chemicals, Antibiotics
  • Using electricity, not molecules to switch cells on and off

8. Receptors (Tissue Image, Graphics)

  • Lung Cannabinoid Receptor CB1, CB2
  • Rectal/Colonic Cannabinoid Receptor CB1, CB2
  • Rectal Opioid Receptors
  • Rectal, 5-HT, TRPV1 Receptor Signal Pathway?
  • Rectal TLR Receptors Signal Pathways?
  • G-protein-coupled Receptors Pathways?
  • GI Tract/Rectum G-protein Coupled Receptors: GPR84, 93, 119, 120 Pathways?

Cannabis Suppositories 101

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