Approved Medical Diagnosis List

This list grows every year with new research. Be sure to inquire about your specific condition with us.

For the following conditions, only a confirmation of diagnosis is required e.g a doctor’s note with your diagnosis on it.
ADHD Crohn’s Disease Paraplegia/Quadriplegia
AIDS Depression Parkinson’s Disease
Anxiety/Stress Disorder Eczema Psoriasis
Asthma Emphysema Radiation Therapy
Arthritis Epilepsy Seizure Disorders
Brain/Head Injury Fibromyalgia Sleep Disorders
Cancer Irritable Bowel Syndrome Spinal Cord Injury
Cerebral Palsy Glaucoma Substance Abuse and Withdrawal
Chemotherapy Treatment Hepatitis C Chronic Migraines
Chronic Pain Multiple Sclerosis
Chronic Migraines Muscular Dystrophy
Colitis Nausea (Chronic and Debilitating)

For other conditions that are not on the list, inquire to see if a diagnosis alone is sufficient for membership.

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