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Fighting For Medicinal Cannabis in Canada

Appeal to BC Supreme Court has been filed.  Here's what we're doing to ensure you have access to medical cannabis products. A Email From John W. Conroy QC Dear All,       PLEASE FORWARD TO ALL INTERESTED SUPPORTERS   I am writing to provide a brief update to all...

New Changes to Our Membership

The Kootenay’s Medicine Tree Inc. Our Path Forward into 2019 November 15, 2018 As of December 31, 2018 our Introductory CBD-Only Membership category will be closed. As of December 31, 2018 we will no longer be accepting confirmation of diagnosis or evidence of...

Theories of the Cloak and Dabber

Terpene 420 Synergy

MindMap Brainstorm Session: May 09, 2019 Web InfoLinks Focus: Terpenes & Cannabinoids Healing Synergy I am happy to share a TKMT Brainstorm regarding; Terpene & Cannabinoid Healing Synergy Effects and health Benefits. InfoGraphic Spreadsheet Excel Brainstorm...

THC:CBD Ratio Synergy

MindMap Brainstorm Session: May 09, 2018 Web InfoLinks Focus: Cannabinoids & (THC:CBD) Ratios Healing Synergy I am happy to share a TKMT Brainstrom regarding: Cannabinoid & (THC:CBD Ratio) Healing Synergy Effects and Health Benefits InfoGraphic Spreadsheet...

Sigma-1 Receptor Chaperone

MindMap Brainstorm Session: Dec 04, 2018 I like to share a Brain Storm: Roles of Sigma-1 Receptor as a intracellular Chaperone. Brainstorm Topics: Role of Sigma-1 Receptor1.0 VIDEOS: Introduction, Cell Biology, CGI 1.1 VIDEO: SIGMA-1 RECEPTOR1.2 VIDEO: Biology: Cell...

Lab Test Results

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Our Nelson store is open, but the Grand Forks store is closed until we get a retail license.


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