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Kootenays cannabis is the highest quality cannabis in the country because of the amazing growers!

The Kootenay’s Medicine Talk

Theories of the Cloak and Dabber

TKMT Tangie Budder BHO Review

Tangie Budder BHO Review   TKMT Tangie Budder (Pull N Snap BHO) 1g: 759mg THCA, 21mg THC "Organic, indoor grown Tangie from the West Kootenays extracted with butane, creating this incredible terpene rich concentrated version of the flower. Members report using day or...


Opioids, ECS, Microbiome & TRPV1-n Hot/Cold Receptor Theories of the Cloak and Dabber This PDF article is packed with great information, reviews and links about Opioid, Cannabinoids, Microbiome and TRPV1 Hot/Cold Receptor. A growing amount of data demonstrates the...

Lab Test Results

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