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We need public feedback on provincial cannabis legalization

Get To Know Your Grower

Kootenays cannabis is the highest quality cannabis in the country because of the amazing growers!

The Kootenay’s Medicine Talk

Theories of the Cloak and Dabber

What is Potcoin

What is Potcoin What is Potcoin I would like to share Info-Links Brainstorm I posted on Steemit blockchain regarding PotCoin as a newbie. Info-Links Brainstorm Topics 1. What is Potcoin 2. Why Potcoin 3. Potcoin...

Cannabinoid Suppositories

Brainstorming Session: Dec 14, 2017 Brain Storm showing possible rectal cannabinoid signal healing pathways via Cannabis suppositories: Some medical cannabis articles show positive user feedback regarding 420 oil suppositories but the medical healing mechanism is...

Cannabinoid Dentistry

Brainstorming Session: Dec 19, 2017 Midnight Hrs This PDF article is a snapshot of a 420 Brainstorming Session Topics. ECS receptor CB1-immunoreactive nerve fibres in painful & non-painful human tooth pulp Enamel rebuilding toothpaste Hemp and coconut oil based dental...

Lab Test Results

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