Director- Jim Leslie

Jim has been a cannabis activist and patient for 16 years. He has recently returned from spending 15 months in Vancouver where he managed and directed 2 successful medical cannabis dispensaries in which he oversaw:

  • Member product selection and cannabis dose advice
  • Public/media relations
  • New member intake and orientation
  • Product sampling and testing
  • New product development
  • Cannabinoid Education Seminars (The Canadian Silver Tour)

Jim holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of the Fraser Valley and retired from the position of Border Service Officer with the Canada Border Services Agency in June 2011. He holds long-term membership in Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and Stop the Violence B.C. and has been active in drug policy reform efforts since 1998.

Although Jim has no formal medical training he is a medical cannabis patient himself and has spent the last 16 years reading every case history, scientific study and publication on the medical use of cannabinoids that he could get his hands on. In conjunction with his dispensary experience in assisting nearly 2500 medical cannabis patients access a large variety of cannabis products for medical use and his close working relationship with noted analysis and dose experts like Dr. Paul Hornby, Jim is well qualified to dispense advice in relation to how to achieve the best therapeutic effect from currently available medicinal cannabis and medicinal cannabis products.

Starting now we will be directing all inquiries regarding services and products to Jim such as new member applications, products, orders and dose advice.

Director— Wendy Brisco

Wendy has been a long time resident of our Kootenay-Boundary region and saw the need many years ago for a locally accessible medical cannabis dispensary to match access that came to Nelson and later Kelowna, B.C. The local need for medical grade cannabis and products made from it was so overwhelming many locals would brave multiple mountain passes several times a year to drive to surrounding areas, and as far away as the Lower Mainland, to purchase their medicine. Those who couldn’t and did not have local source or “connections” went without and suffered mostly silently.

Wendy was a passenger in a horrific, roll-over car accident one winter which saw the car she was traveling in fly off the highway and land upside down on the roof well off the highway. Lucky to be alive, Wendy suffered serious brain injuries that resulted in her being unable to walk due to extreme vertigo, among other challenges. The therapeutic benefits from cannabinoids and the entourage compounds found in the cannabis plant were able to heal Wendy’s brain to the point where she went from being able only to crawl on the ground, to a wheel chair, to walking with a cane. Incredible! Truly she has experienced the neurogenic properties of cannabinoids, that is, to stimulate the growth of new brain cells.

Being a medical cannabis patient for multiple conditions has given Wendy her personal experience in healing herself with this non-toxic medicine. Her complete dedication to helping others heal has benefited many in our local community and beyond. She is literally our Angel of Medical Cannabis, helping members of all ages gain quality of life and symptom reduction and beyond with the right products.

Director— Marvin Wyers

Marv Wyers joins the team as the final director. He worked for years as a patient advocate, helping chronically and terminally ill Canadians access medical cannabis. Marv is an expert in quality control and is taking a direct role in ensuring the members of our dispensary receive a high standard of care that is matched with high quality medical cannabis and related products.

In particular Marv has expertise in helping cancer patients with edible or non-smokable cannabis options. His experience with both edible dosing and edible production is vast.

Being busy with his contracting business, Marv is bridging into full-time involvement with the dispensary across the Summer and Fall of 2014 and is handling inquiries regarding services and products from our dispensary with Jim.

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