We are Ubunto Dagga.

We’re world travelled, soul minded people, that love to grow cannabis.This blog is about connecting us to you.

Ubunto -A South African word meaning ‘With others in mind, I exist

Dagga- South African indigenous Cannabis Sativa

Kootenays grown cannabis is wild, free, unpolluted and untouched, at least from this grower.

We’re committed to growing the highest quality cannabis using natural fertilizers and pesticides.

After sourcing the finest ingredients, we decided to use Medi One fertilizer. These berries are the size of golf balls after I used some Medi One on them!

Grown in Synergy With the Enviroment

We live deep in the woods where the bears pass through on their migration route.

Understanding Greenhouse Products



Girl Scout Cookies-X

Greenhouse plants are grown identically to indoor plants except they receive natural light during the flowering stage. When possible they are exposed to direct sunlight without any barriers

These are manipulated to flower using light deprivation and exposing plants to complete darkness for 12 hrs a day.

In the spring, the light has a bluer spectrum of hitch promotes more leaf growth and the sun and heat combined created a darker appearance.

Plants grow very differently out doors because modern artificial lighting is an approximate substitution for the full spectrum of the sun. Some modern hybrids have drifted so far from their ancestors that they don’t tolerate out door conditions.

Sunlight promotes more resin and terrine production but is sometimes less visually appealing than indoor buds.

Which is better? You decide, same plants, different lighting.

Zellys Gift

Curing Buds

Curing at 20 C and 55% humidity dark hung untrimmed.

The Connoisseur’s Trim

Dry trimmed, often shaggy buds, are surrounded with sugar leaves to protect the cannabiniod crystals. With a standard trim, these are removed as it’s more aesthetically pleasing and enables inspection on the buds.

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